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Image by Simon Hurry

The Orphan Sock

The story of a Nomiie

It only takes one word,

from your dad to make you feel as small as a pea. This story is about getting the attention of the one person that hurts you the most. Do you think she is right? What else can she do?


Write your story.


Writing your story is easy. just send us your complete story to the link below under message, copy and paste and you will be closer to your own nomiie.  

What are the perks?


You get your amazing life experience illustrated by a Nomiie. Every Nomiie is created individually for it's story. We will then send you a copy of the story and your original artwork of you as a Nomiie, as our thanks to you. 

Our mission.


We want to be your voice. We understand that growing up is not sometimes easy. We know! That's why we are here to illustrate your life. Many think that they are alone  like the orphan sock and the truth is they are not. 

Help us spread our message


The more you spread the news the more chances we have to make a difference. 


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