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This is the very first drawing of my work in 2007.
Nomiies in 2007. 

Art education is believed to be one of the most special, giving, skill setting and creative courses we take in school.  Mrs. Romero have been working in the education field since 1999 when she was first introduced to be a kindergarten teacher assistant in Monroe North Carolina where her family moved temporary.  The need for bilingual assistance in the classroom where here siblings attended school was highly needed, this lead her to find her path and love for education. Originally born in New Jersey but moved as a young child to Miami Florida Mrs. Romero has called Miami home for the past 40 years. She has been not only a art educator but before she worked with children with disabilities as a paraprofessional. Now she teaches a wide range of art education course from AP, IB, advance drawing, portfolio, but also including a art therapy class which students with a wide range of disabilities can practice improving their motor skills, social skills, cognitive repetition and more. Now for 2020 Mrs. Romero is teaching from her new YouTube channel art, while waiting to go back to her classroom. She states: “Youtube, another new way of teaching, because you never stop learning something new as a teacher. “



Nomiie Art Studio

I teach what I preach. Having a long list of teaching experience Mrs. Romero also has been working hard as an artist.  Feel free to open her CV to learn about her past exhibitions and conventions. She states about her artwork:

“My work involves the creation of reproducing, integrating, and the study of old master techniques. In 2006 I began my illustrations. While studying artworks from the great masters in gradate school I discovered the love for old techniques and the fascination of the quality of the old masters work. These became a prominent feature of my work.  The characters in my work are called Nomiie’s and not only became part of my body of work but also an illustrated book (in production), which contains stories about teens and young adults overcoming life. 

The Nomiie’s are juxtaposed with dreams, comic heroes, villains, fairy tales, any thing we can think of that relates to childhood and adult culture. Based on the nature of the book the Nomiie’s also address gender role, fragility of family dynamic, violence; basically the underlying of American society played by a Nomiie. The Nomiie’s are a curious way to introduce these aspects of American culture. “


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