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                                                                             Our Work

Our work helps young adults and adults see the other side of the world. It’s a must read for parents. This site is a graphic novel created by NOMiiEnation for young adults and teens. Even though the cartoons are cute they are creatures of reality. This is a book that is in production to inform and teach about adolescence and life. The NOMiiE’s are cartoons which illustrate the stories. Let a Nomiie love you and help you understand the world around you. Let a Nomiie be your voice!

“When the world throws a rock at you, you let the world know how bad that rock hurt.”


                                                              What is a NOMiiE?

Nomiie (no-mé) to know me or know someone; getting to know me, two “ii’s” stand for you and your Nomiie.

Do you know anything about your socks where do they go after you only found one? Well they come to me I am the creator of the Nomiie’s a unique little sock person for each and everyone that believes and has imagination. They live in my drawer waiting to be adopted by you the keeper. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has a life to live. The Nomiies are the world’s best “secret keepers.”

Imagination is not included O___O


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